How Do You Find It?

Here at The Admin Center we never stop finding better ways to keep you doing what you do best, to do what you enjoy and gives YOU purpose. Join the business revolution to do more with less.



We at The Admin Center believe our calling is to help our clients simplify their lives. We are passionate about our clients and want to remove the unnecessary fears associated with business.

We help large businesses reduce their call load or be an extension to their marketing team.

We help entrepreneurs with HR, bookkeeping, payroll, marketing, and service and support.

We help small businesses expand their reach and reduce their need for full-time staff.


We believe there’s a better way.

We've standardized business processes across industries. We want to be a resourceful resource.

We strive to keep finding new ways to help our clients stay true to their vision.

We align with our client’s wants and needs. We figure out their what, why, and how.

We take a holistic approach to their business - both the technology and human elements.

We create a strategic direction for them.

“It’s not resources but resourcefulness that ultimately makes the difference.”

- Tony Robbins



Mia Paulus is the founder, CEO, and Chief Visionary here at The Admin Center.

Mia came up with the idea for The Admin Center after working as a CPA. She quickly recognized that business owners needed a new way for business to be done if they were ever going to take some of the responsibility off of their plate. They needed some help in order to put their focus back on what they truly did best. 

Mia wanted to create a virtual environment in which the core parts of business could be done remotely. Where phones could be answered, and tasks like accounting and bookkeeping could all be done virtually. This model would allow employees to work from home and would empower businesses to grow. By not paying hourly wages, companies could expand faster and further than ever before. 

Mia launched The Admin Center and quickly realized the opportunity to change the way businesses operate - the way that they define success. Her passion from the beginning has been to help business owners, entrepreneurs, and executives to never have to worry about the administrative components of business again. She strives to help people rediscover their passion, and find the life most true to their purpose.

Meet Our Team

Without our amazing team what we do wouldn't be possible


Mia Paulus - The Admin Center Founder & Chief Visionary Officer

Mia Paulus
Founder & Chief Visionary Officer

Janette Haskell Director of Operations

Janette Haskell
Director of Operations

Cameron Watson Director of Technology

Cameron Watson

Tara Clark Director of Process and Projects

Tara Clark
Director of Process and Projects


Alison Kaufman Service and Support Lead

Alison Kaufman
Omni Support Specialist

Andy D'Acquisto Sales Manager

Andy D'Acquisto
Service & Support Strategist

Jordan Bright Marketing Coordinator

Jordan Bright
Service & Support Coordinator

Sue Mayer Virtual Assistant

Sue Mayer
Service, Support, & Quality Lead

Christine Hogg Executive Assistant

Christine Hogg
Executive Assistant

Jen pic

Jennifer Christensen
Executive Assistant

Erika Hoover Virtual Assistant & Project Coordinator

Erika Hoover
Omni Support Specialist

Shayla Bullock Customer Experience Specialist

Shayla Bullock
Customer Experience Specialist

Bernadette Watkins Virtual Assistant

Bernadette Watkins
Virtual Assistant

Denise Garrett Outbound Calling Specialist

Denise Garrett
Customer Experience Specialist

Sarah Furman Outbound Calling Specialist

Sarah Furman
Virtual Assistant



Sheri Hansen
Technology Strategist

Andres Segrera Information Technology Specialist

Andres Segrera
Information Technology Specialist

Rebekah Callant Technology Specialist

Rebekah Callant
Technology & Data Specialist

Nathan Hansen Backend Developer

Nathan Hansen
Back-End Developer


Nathan Hansen
Front-End Developer


Quintus Callant
Technology Specialist


Yanni Chowriamah
Technology Project Coordinator


Ashleigh Henry Employee Engagement Program Coordinator

Ashleigh Henry
Marketing Strategist

Katelyn Mann Client Account Coordinator

Katelyn Mann
Marketing Coordinator

Cristiane Matta Lead Graphic Designer

Cristiane Matta
Lead Graphic Designer


Andrea Thornton
Graphic Designer

Emily McKnight Graphic Designer

Emily McKnight
Graphic Designer

Roger Cole Graphic Designer

Roger Cole
Graphic Designer


Cleeton Gumbs
Graphic Designer


Whitney Benzon
Employee Experience Strategist

Erin Keller Virtual Assistant

Erin Keller
Employee Experience Coordinator

Joy Tate Service, Support and Quality Lead

Joy Tate
EEP Specialist

Special Operations

Emily Raymes Sr. Billing Specialist

Emily Raymes
Sr. Billing Specialist

Carolyn Kobek CPA/Controller

Carolyn Kobek

Amy johnson

Amy Johnson
Accounting Specialist


Sara Lynch
Accounting Coordinator

Cheryl Turner Fulfillment Specialist

Cheryl Turner
Fulfillment Specialist

Alayna Behr Virtual Assistant

Alayna Behr
Human Resources Specialist


"By the way, you guys are awesome! I wish I would have know about this service a long time ago. The disruptions and time that you are saving me is worth its weight in gold. Thanks!"

Fackrell Masonry

"I think you have a great program going. And your team is great – very friendly! It worked well for us while Heather was gone – very cost effective. Some of our folks are hard to please and us accountants can get picky about things, but I think everyone did a great job. Thanks again for everything!"

Stevens Pierce & Associates, CPAs

"The Admin Center’s professional staff has really helped me to let go, freeing me up to do things that directly produce more revenue for my business."

A Fireman's Chimney Sweep